Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A day in the city

We went off island yesterday for S's citizenship test. While I was waiting for him I went on a doll-making supply hunt. I was actually trying to find a nice chocolate brown mohair (with no success), but I did find this beautiful burnt auburn. I have a vision of tiny little Pre-Raphaelite fairies. I also found this lovely hand dyed mohair silk blend. Can't wait to get sewing. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Those grey autumn days

As grateful I have been for all of these bright fall days we've had, I can't help but love when those heavy autumn skies first roll in; the mist hugging the trees and the few lone maples gleaming yellow and orange against the greys and greens of our west coast forest.
I bundled Tsoknyi and I in our warmest woolly sweaters and we went for a walk into town to buy catnip tea for him (hopefully we will see an end to sleepless teething nights), and my favourite chai tea and dark chocolate covered hazelnuts from the healthfood store.
On the way back we stopped to look out at the harbour in it's soft blend of muted greys. I love fall.

I'm at home now with a cup of steaming chai, Tsoknyi is sound asleep and I am going to use these precious moments to work on a Christmas order I have.