Friday, 28 December 2012

A Little Update

Well it's almost time to return to my sewing table. I've been enjoying our lazy holiday days so much, I'm having a bit of a hard time mustering the inspiration. Me and the kids have been lounging by the fire in jammies, playing board games and reading lots of stories. But my little sewing corner has been calling and I know it's time. I'm also nearly finished my maternity which means Lavender & Lark will be open again soon! I will be launching the first new collection in January on Etsy, I'm very excited to share it with everyone (and there may be some sneak peaks coming up). I will also be doing a few giveaways on Lavender & Lark's facebook page to celebrate our reopening so make sure to 'like' us so you don't miss out! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Perfect Christmas

I think that this was our most magical Christmas yet. I loved watching Dawa share his wonder and joy with his baby brother on Christmas morning. He emptied Tsoknyi's stocking on the rug and carefully organized everything for him. Santa had put a few candy rocks and an orange in his stocking and Dawa thought it was the funniest thing ever, he kept telling everyone about it saying, "but it was just a joke of course, my brother can't eat those things, he'd choke! Santa's so silly!" I was also reminded that although D has matured in his interests, he still finds magic in the things he did when he was little. Tsoknyi recieved Elsa Beskow's 'In the Land of Long Ago' from Santa. It's a beautifully illustrated story about a little boy and girl who love to play on a log that looks like a dragon. One day a gnome plays a trick and turns it into a real dragon and they travel on it's back to the Land of Long Ago where they rescue a night and go to live with a king and queen. When I read the story to the boys Dawa sighed and said, "I wish Santa had brought that story for me." A sentiment I wouldn't have expected these days from the boy who's only interest seems to be ninja lego, but one that warmed my heart.

The most magic part of our day though? The thing that really made it a perfect Christmas... We had our first snowfall of the year! On Christmas Morning! Just after we had finished breakfast huge white snow flakes started coming down, and within ten minutes it had turned into a blizzard, the whole island was covered in a blanket of white. 

Here's a little from the day...

What was your favourite moment from the holidays?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


It's 7:30am, we've been up for nearly and hour. Dawa is busy trying to figure out the lego snake that Santa brought him in a mason jar. Stockings have been opened, dear Apa is still sound asleep, I wish I could say the same! I finally made it to bed at 2am after finishing Dawa's hat and wrapping presents (must remember to wrap BEFORE Christmas Eve next year). Here's a lovely moment  that I wanted to share last night but didn't have the time.

~ Merry Christmas ~

Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Lavender & Lark Winter

~ The Snow Fairies ~

 ~ King Winter ~
~ East of the Sun West of the Moon ~
~ Snow Angel ~

Wintertime has been full of faery magic this year, these are some of the wee folk who have come to keep me company in the studio. 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cashmere Sweater Star Baby

Every day I've been abandoning more projects from my to do list--fairies, baking, amazing gluten free gingerbread house, special dolls for the boys. I finally scrapped the whole thing today, and am letting the holidays unfold as they will. I feel so much lighter for it, and what's more, I feel like I am actually part of the holiday celebrations instead of just holding the whole thing together. 

I had something more elaborate planned for Tsoknyi but I'm sure he won't mind if all he gets for his first Christmas is a little star baby that I made from my old cashmere sweater.
I was also planning to knit hats for everyone. I may still get Dawa's done, after this post I'm going to curl up with some nettle tea and my knitting needles and see how far I get. But Tsoknyi and S are going to have to be happy with a skein of wool and a promise for something warm in the new year.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Acorn Fairy

I just finished this little one and I absolutely love her! When I first started making fairies I fell in love with each one as I worked and then would have a hard time parting with them. I'm much better now at letting go, but every now and then one comes along that I just adore--and she's one! She is going to someone really fantastic though, which makes me happy :)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Creative Process

As I'm finding my way into a rhythm with doll making, it's interesting to watch the internal process that unfolds as each one is completed. It takes me anywhere from an entire day to a week to make a doll and  scene, depending on how complicated it is. During that time I am completely immersed in that doll, and her little personality that unfolds as I sew. I pour everything, all of my creative energy into her, and then she is done. I package her up and send her off. For practical reasons it would be good if I could pick up my needle and thread and start on the next one, especially now, just before Christmas when I have a whole list of gifts that need to be finished--but I can't. It seems to take me around two days to regroup and start again, and even then I feel a resistance for the first few hours that I work. Then, as I sew the momentum builds and once again I find myself immersed in a new doll. I think it is largely because each one is so totally different from the last. Whatever it is, and regardless of those little hurtles, every day I am grateful that this is what I do.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Holiday fun

Our evenings have been filled with popcorn stringing, Christmas stories, and decorating. Every year we pull out our favourite holiday books, this year a lot of them are in storage because we had planned on going travelling for the year, but I still have our very favourites here. I love 'The Little Christmas Tree', the story is so beautiful and simple (but it still made me cry the first time I read it to Dawa) and Loek Koopmans' illustrations are delightful. The Nutcracker has always been one of Dawa's favourites. He was four the first time he heard it, it was the year that we spent Christmas in Toronto. There was this old antique shop with everything under the sun piled up in it's windows, and one day when we were walking by Dawa spotted a little red Nutcracker. He wanted to go in and look at it but the shop was locked. He became totally fixated on this nutcracker, every day he asked to go to the shop to see him. I told him we could look at him but we couldn't buy him (money was scarce that Christmas). So every day, for days we would walk by the shop on our way home but it was always closed. One day as we passed by there was a man coming out, he was about to lock the door behind him when Dawa ran up and asked if he could please, please see the nutcracker. The man opened the door and went into the shop and came out a few minutes later carrying the nutcracker, "this little fellow?" he asked, "Yes!" Dawa's eyes lit up as the man handed him over, "He's yours," he said, then he locked the door and walked away. Dawa couldn't believe it, he kept asking "Mom, you mean he gave him to me for no money at all?" That act of kindness has always stayed with him, he still tells the story every year when he takes out his nutcracker. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

- My reading boys -

Right now I am...

:: putting my sewing down momentarily to rest tired fingers. There are two fairies in the works, a warrior girl riding a snail and an impish little tree fairy.

:: listening to Loreena McKennitt's a Midwinter Night's Dream. I love her music at this time of year, it fills our home with the magic and mystery of the season.

:: trying to find new ways to keep the little one who has just learned to crawl occupied and out of trouble in our not yet baby proofed home.

:: Contemplating what to make for the children for Christmas this year. I've started a dragon for Dawa and I want to make a little boy in traditional Tibetan clothing, ridding a yak for Tsoknyi, and maybe a star baby...

:: waiting for Dawa to come home from school so we can start to decorate the house together.

:: making space in our livingroom for the tree that we're going to pick out from the farm on sunday.

:: reminding myself that part of this time of year is slowing down and focusing inwards.

:: feeling blessed that we're all healthy and cold-free, and loving every moment of this season.