Friday, 19 April 2013

Faeries and musings of a larger scale

So it seems I've lost the thread a little... again... I do this. Time is in short supply these days and I find myself wanting to simplify anywhere I can. I am craving quiet, and so things get put by the way side or slip between the cracks. Time management is an art that I have not mastered and am somewhat in awe of these days. I have a few 'project 52' photos waiting to make it off my camera, but today I will share faeries instead and a new website. You can see more of these little ones at

Tomorrow is Friday, my mad rush before market-day day. I have two little ones awaiting finishing touches. I keep being tempted away from them though. I've started Tsoknyi's first birthday present, a large doll, one for him to hold and cuddle, and I am in love with the process. My fingers feel so free with all of this space to roam over, so different from my usual tiny stitches and tight work. I can't help caressing his beautiful face with round, soft wool cheeks. I promise pictures soon. He is going to be a little nomad baby for my nomad boy :)

Monday, 1 April 2013

Little bits of Easter

The Easter bunny was up very late in our home creating a new family tradition, a felted egg for each boy, every year, so when they are grown they have their own beautiful collection. 
I woke at 2am to the sounds of an eight year old beginning his Easter hunt. I sent him back to bed until 6 am when he couldn't stand to wait any longer. The Easter bunny had a sense of humour this year, Dawa found a pineapple in his shirt drawer, kiwis in our shoes, and a trail of bunny crackers leading to little chocolate eggs all around the house and into the yard.