Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nearly ready

These are quiet days, the calm before the storm. Three weeks to pack and dispose of an entire household in preparation for a year of travel. I have to admit I'm not feeling inspired or excited at the prospect. I love our little house up on it's hill overlooking the school and tree covered mountain. I love the gentle rhythm of our days. He is a quiet spirit this one, I wonder if he will take to travel in the same way his brother did. We lived nearly three years in India when D was small, moving constantly. So very different from this time around. I don't miss the adventure, I thought I would but I like our quiet little life here. 

Things have been set in motion though, and soon we'll be on our way...


  1. Wonderful, am excited to here about your journey, I hope you will write about it here. x

  2. I will, perhaps our paths will cross somewhere in the mountains :) x